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Top Five Italian Honeymoon Destinations

honeymooners in ItalyLooking to make memories for a lifetime?

Lovely, beautiful and steeped in history, Italy remains one of planet's most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations — and not only for its world-class culinary delights, tourist attractions & spectacular scenery — but for the perfect setting that Italy provides any couple who want to celebrate love, laughter, and romance ...


With so much to see and do in Rome, many couples view the Eternal City as either the center of the universe to celebrate their eternal love, or as a jumping-off place to explore the rest of the country together.

Along with top attractions including Vatican City, also see the ancient city including trips to the Coliseum, the Pantheon and the eerie mystery of the Catacombs. Take a stroll through the medieval Trastevere neighborhood with its scenic and narrow cobblestone streets, (and memorable little trattorias) then go on a big splurge at a five-star restaurant - or shopping at Ferragamo, Prada or Armani!

Overall, Rome makes for a complete honeymoon experience that may include everything from whirlwind art tours and a happening nightlife, to an intimate moment sharing a gelato at the top of the Spanish Steps ...or a romantic day trip down the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast


One of the world's most beautiful coastlines, located just south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast stretches out in a steep and craggy peninsula reaching towards the Isle of Capri.

Pick a spot anywhere along the coast and you can wake up to spectacular ocean vistas from resort hotels that hug the cliffs. Spend your morning on a mini-cruse along the coastline, visit the incredibly beautiful Isle of Capri in the Bay of Naples, and return to your hotel for a pedicure or spa treatment in the late afternoon.

Amalfi is the major hub of the region, and nearby Sorrento is another favorite base for honeymooners who find the ocean views and sea air incredibly romantic. Also be sure to visit Ravello's famous gardens and beautiful ocean views (north of Amalfi) and, if you're in the mood to splurge, head west to Positano to shop at ritzy boutiques followed by dinner at a world class restaurant.


Perhaps the most romantic regions in all of Italy, Tuscany conjurs up rolling hills, vineyards, Renaissance splendor, and medieval mystery.

Florence, the proverbial birthplace of the Renaissance, is today a top Tuscan city which honeymooners and vacationers use as their base. Here you'll find a spectacular open-air sculpture gallery at the Piazza della Signoria, or head inside to the nearby Uffizi Museum housing original works by Botticelli, Michelangelo, da Vinci and many other famous artists.

The streets of this very walkable and friendly city are great for haggling with street vendors for bargains in jewelry, clothing and leather goods; perusing the shops on the Ponte Vecchio; or for going on romantic strolls along the river Arno at sunset.

Other top Tuscan cities that can either be easily visited from Florence, or used as a honeymoon base, include Pisa and its famous Leaning Tower, along with the exciting city of Siena with its awe-inspring Duomo (cathedral) and the medieval gem that is Lucca.

Renting a car in Italy is probably the best way to see Tuscany to discover for yourself other smaller hill towns, vineyards, farms, villas and more happy surprises that await at every turn throughout Tuscany.


Singing gondoliers navigating you through sleepy canals, surrounded by spectacular architecture, art work and museums. What's not to love? Venice truly is a dream landscape of pleasure, fun and excitement.

Along with famous attractions - including the grand Doges Palace and a sweeping St. Mark's Square (with its charming shops and eateries, and entertainment by street performers and muscians), Venice offers an unforgettable experience just by the fact of its existence as a storybook city surrounded by water.

A fairly compact place, Venice is emminently walkable or easily navigable via water buses with major stops around the city. Also don't miss scenic cruises that go to the outlying islands of Torcello or Burano that also feature, on your return, spectacular views of the Venice skyline.


While Venice may be a romantic "island adventure", nothing tops Sicily for its sheer breadth of opportunities for fun & excitement by land or by sea.

A ususal starting point for exploring this main island off Italy's southern coast is the capital city of Palermo, offering historic charm in its art museums, churches and narrow winding streets as well as a good jumping-off destination for day trips to the mountains, the coastline, or cruises to the nearby Aeolian Islands.

Also be sure to spend at least some time in medieval Taormina, the famous seaside resort on Sicily's east coast, along with a trip to Mount Etna on the beautiful Ionian coast.


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