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Italy apartment rentalsWhether renting a complete farm house, a chic apartment in Rome, or a small flat in Florence, it is indeed a wonderful opportunity to skip the "hotel guest" label and live like a local.

The fact that Italian law makes it easier to rent to foreigners than to other Italians is another main reason why you may wish to consider a rental if you haven't already.

Once settled in, peruse the markets. Talk to shop keepers. Carouse with the neighbors. These are only a few of the joys of a vacation or holiday rental. Add to that the costs of rentals compared to a hotel chain, and many travelers are happy to set up house in apartments, family-friendly houses or fancy villas available throughout Italy.

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The Internet has made it far easier to find your own digs in Italy than ever before, but as always it pays to shop around. Surf around for pages detailing what rentals are currently on offer. Find out if rates are by week or per month. Most often, pictures are provided to view your rental's true potential.

Typically, an apartment in the center of Rome will cost you far more than one found just outside the city.

Amenities also add to the costs, and since you'll only be staying a short time, you'll want to look for furnished apartments.

If it's important to you, find out if modern creature comforts are available - such as TV, cable, Internet connection, coffee maker or microwave. If you're using the rental as a base to travel throughout Italy, how far is it to the nearest bus or rail station?

These are only a few of the factors that come into play when finding your own digs in Italy, but the hunt is often half the fun, and with a little careful planning you'll soon be living in Italy - if only for a short time - like a native ....

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