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About Us

Staff of Italian

The team that created this site is headed by Margaret and Joe Chiffriller.

Joe's family is originally from Bari with the family name of Cifareli. A trip through Ellis Island changed it to the less easy to pronounce - Chiffriller.

Margaret's grandfather was from Sicily - his mother came to America after she lost many of the family to an eruption of Mt. Etna. Both families came to New York and settled in the city.

Three generations later Joe and Margaret met and married. It seemed like a wonderful idea to return to Italy to see the places they had heard about while growing up.

That trip began a love for Italy that this site reflects.

Joe is a master stone carver who also designs Web sites when he isn't carving. Margaret is a freelance writer who is always writing. The two careers and the Italian heritage merged in the book they are publishing, Bread and Stone. It tours Italy's Gothic treasures and Medieval cookery - but left so much more to cover.

Since they design Web sites... the next logical step was this site.

The site is designed to share the history, scenery, art, culture and warmth of Italy and the people who live there with others who love it as much as we do.

We hope you enjoy your visits to Italy on this site. Please, let us know what more you want to see.

If you have any comments or suggestions just click here.



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