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Italy apartment rentalswhen it comes to the level of service you'll find in most hotels around Italy, a definite attitude adjustment is required if you're traveling from the United States.

Indeed, throughout Europe, travelers find that service often doesn't measure up to the "instant gratification" approach to hotel service in America.

While room service in budet hotels in Italy may be slow and simple requests may be met with a look of puzzlement, note that in Italy la dolce vita means going with the flow.

With the trade-off in service, you'll be joining the ranks of sophisticated travelers who are intrigued with, and not rankled by, the concept of time as it varies from culture to culture. If you're lucky, you'll also gain a greater appreciation of a slower and more relaxed pace, and realize that getting that extra bar of soap is not all that important in the bigger scheme of things.

With that in mind, check out our review of trusted Web sites that offer objective reviews and insider notes on some of the best hotels in Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence offering the best service, comprehensive price ranges, the most convenient locations, and the warmest welcomes ...



Slow Travel Italy - A top site for learning more about Italian culture with how to's and reviews of hotels, rental apartments, villas and cottages throughout Italy plus trip reports & planning tips, practical advice on cafes and restaurants, Italian language guides and related resources.

Hotel Guru - Choose Italy from the drop down menu for a complete guide to Rome, Venice, Florence & other Tuscan towns & cities, Lake Garda and Umbria. Includes complete reviews, photos and visitor comments on luxury, mid-price and inexpensive hotels.

Rome Hotel Reviews - Independent and Honest - Like it says, with UK travelers reporting on their favorite hotels with reviews on budget, midrange and luxury hotels throughout the city. Also surf the menu for more on major and off-the-beaten track attractions, practical travel tips.

Rome Buddy - "Rome without hype" is the motto, featuring insider views of what to look for in Italian hotels and pensiones. Although the outlook here is decidely cynical, related tips on tourist rip-offs and scams may be invaluable to the first-time traveler.

Italy - Europe Insiders - Free registration to access these busy forums featuring guides who live in Milan, Rome, Venice and other major cities and regions and who can show you around, make hotel recommendations, and otherwise provide valuable do's and don'ts of Italy travel. - Italy - More insider travel tips for Florence, Rome, Tuscany and Venice including hotel reviews, restaurant recommendations and guides to major attractions.

Italy Hotel Reviews - Hotel Chatter - Lively writing, vivid photos, insider notes and reviews on top places to stay throughout Italy as well as "hotel hells" to avoid.


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