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Florence At a Glance:

  • Often called the Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence (Firenze) was once Italy's foremost financial capital during the Middle Ages.

  • Today, it is home to some 375,000 people, along with the millions of tourists who visit the city each year in search of Florence's glorious past.

  • More than half of all the world's most revered art works are housed in the city's many art museums, including the Uffizi Gallery just off the Piazza della Signoria, (housing works by Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio and many other Renaissance masters).

  • Still medieval in its physical layout - with large open piazzas surrounded by dark and narrow side streets - Florence is easily traversed on foot.

  • Besides world famous museums, Florence's other major tourist attractions include the striking Duomo (cathedral) as well as the Ponte Vecchio, the famous medieval bridge surrounded by shops spanning the river Arno.

  • Airports : Galileo Galilei International Airport, Amerigo Vespucci Airport

  • Train station: Stazione Santa Maria Novella

  • Bus: ATAF and LI-NEA make up the city's public bus system. Tickets and bus passes can be purchased at any tobacconist displaying an orange A.T.A.F. sticker on the window. For travel outside of town, SITA Buses have regional routes to Pisa, Sienna and most other towns & cities throughout Tuscany.

  • Taxi : Official metered taxis are usually found at taxi stands in most neighborhoods throughout the city.


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