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italy weddingIf you're already sold on the picture perfect beauty of Italy, you may want to consider Marriage Italian Style!

Below, check out information on how easy it can be to plan your dream wedding in Italy, the country where locals believe amore was invented ...

Practical travel tips

You may already know that a majority of European countries require at least a 40-day residency stay before you are allowed to marry.

Not so in Italy where residency rules are much more relaxed - and where you can immediately avail yourself of an entire industry devoted to non-Italians who want to marry and honeymoon in Italy.

Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or simply want to opt for a civil ceremony, there are options available throughout Italy to accommodate any kind of wedding gathering.


Travel wedding services ideally include a personal coordinator who will attend to every need or question you may have. Along with arranging the when, where and how, they will also attend to travel services for friends and family.

Afterwards, champagne and wedding cake await you and your guests at a reception in a romantic restaurant, castle or villa. The happy couple is then whisked off to a romantic honeymoon - perhaps on a cultural, culinary or wine tour - with all travel details already arranged.

There is some official paperwork, most of which is attended to in advance of the wedding date. And the experts will tell you that although couples have arrived the night before the big day, it's highly advisable that you arrive at least a few days beforehand to attend to any last minute details.

After all, this will be the first day of the rest of your lives together! And there's no better way to begin it than in beautiful Italy ....

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