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Italian cooking toursThere is no better way to get that la dolce vita experience - the idea that life is to be sweetly savored - than by taking an expert culinary tour of Italy.

Italians take their food seriously, but in the serving and consuming of a good home-cooked meal - life is never more slow or langorous! Soups, pasta, main course, fruit, cheeses and sweets are the mainstays of an Italian meal, puntuated by good wine, good conversation, and lots of laughter.

Follow the links, below, and begin discovering all the pleasures in store for travelers who partake in native Italian cooking that for many tourists literally defines Italy....

Practical Tips


When it comes to Italian cooking tours, there are so many options available it's best to take a deep breath to decide where your heart lies.

Tours may be based in the country or in a major city, or concentrate on the local culture with natural, fresh ingredients in season, or center around famous wines in a particular region.

Some Italian cooking tours are for serious cooks and quite intensive, while others are more relaxed and allow for related excursions to Italian wineries, farms, olive groves, or trips to major area attractions.

Most cooking tours are limited to six days working with the same chef, others may include a longer stay with several different expert chefs from which to learn different techniques firsthand. Of course, given the tremendous variety of tours available, prices can range anywhere from US$700, to several thousand dollars for a complete "cook's tour."

With the variety of Italian cooking tours available, one thing is clear. Half the fun is planning and deciding on the one just right for you.


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