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The Best Gelato in Italy

italy weddingItalians just seem to have a knack for gelato, the national sensation otherwise known as ice cream.

Rich, creamy, and intensely flavored, gelato is a special treat for both native Italians and especially for tourists who flock to gelato stands or cafes to take a well-earned break from all that sightsighting.

Below, check out our review of some of the best gelato to be had in Italy - starting with Rome - a mecca for gelato lovers worldwide ...

Best Gelato in Rome

San Crispino
The number one location on many "Best Gelato" lists, San Crispino serves up gelato in simple cups, (don't ask for a cone, they don't believe in them) but the flavors here are some of the most intense you'll find anywhere. Via della Panetteria 42, near the Trevi Fountain.


Considered Rome's best gelateria until San Crispino took the coveted title, Giolitti still serves up rich and creamy servings in cones or cups, as well as comfortable chairs and tables to help savor the moment. Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40, near the Pantheon.

A full service bar and restaurant, Pelacchia also happens to serve up some of the best gelato in town. (Try the rich and creamy amaretto.) 103/107 Via Cola di Rienzo, near the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo.

High atop the Spanish Steps lies this casual patio restaurant, specializing in whipped cream-topped concoctions and the creamiest, dreamiest chocolate gelato anywhere. Ciampini has a second location at 29 Piazza de San Lorenzo in Lucina.

Best Gelato in Florence

Often cited in the guide books as the place to go in Florence, its booming popularity has somewhat diminished its luster. Via Isole delle Stinche 7, near Piazza Santa Croce.

Gelateria dei Neri
A huge selection of flavors that are constantly changing with most of them excellent, especially the fresh fruit flavors. Signoria Via dei Neri 20r, behind the Piazza della Signoria.

Perche No!
One of the city's oldest gelaterias, Perche No! (Why Not!) specializes in experimental flavors, intensely fruity sorbettos, as well as a famous creme caramel concoction. Via dei Tavolini 19/r, near the Duomo.

Best Gelato in Venice

Caffe Paolin
This combination bar and gelataria is one of the most popular in Venice, especially in summer when the limone (lemon) and other refreshing fruit flavors are hugely popular with tourists. Campo Santo Stefano, San Marco.

Gelateria Il Doge
A very popular take-out gelateria features something for everyone ranging from light granitas to intensely rich and chocolatey gelatos. Dorsoduro 3058/a, Campo Santa Margherita.

Best Gelato in Milan

Along with traditional flavors like pistacchio, hazelnut and custard cream, RivaReno specialties include intense mango and white chocolate with rice crispies! 8 Viale Col di Lana.

Caffe Victor Hugo
Go for the gelato, but stay for the sheer elegance of Victor Hugo where, during the colder months, the hot chocolate is equally famous. Via Spadari.

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