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OK, it may be true that some Italians may drive like speed demons.

But all told, it seems like most of the European continent is on a faster track than on American highways. (Surely you've heard of the autobahn in Germany? And let's not even mention what it's like driving the streets of Paris.)

The good news is that, like anywhere on the planet, the wide-open countryside will afford you a lot more mellow driving experience than in the big cities.

If you are staying in Rome or Milan, by all means use taxis or public transporation. (In Venice, don't even think about driving. Cars are not allowed).

On the other hand, if you want to navigate by your own star to see off-the-beaten path Italy, than hiring a car comes highly recommended.

Practical travel tips


In Italy you'll find familiar car hire names like Hertz, Alamo, Budget and Dollar rental car agencies and, as in most of Europe, standard transmission is pretty, well, standard - and higher rates will apply for automatics.

Save money by going online to rent a car before your trip, or see a travel agent who can find the best car rental deals available. As elsewhere, you may want to consider collision insurance for your car, but first check to see if your credit card or existing car insurance policies covers this before purchase. In Italy you will be required to purchase theft-protection insurance.

Getting around by car in Italy

In general, roads in Italy are easy to navigate and well-maintained. Depending on how extensively you plan to travel by car, Viacards are available that allow you to pay highway tolls in advance. At autostrade toll booths simply insert the card into a slot, and you're on your way.

You'll find many rental cars in Italy running on diesel (gasolio) so look for the signs at gas stations located frequentlly along the autostrade open 24 hours a day, except Sunday.

Be safe

As in most Western countries, seatbelts are required and cell phone usage while driving is prohibited. If you're traveling with a child under three, be sure to tell your car rental agency to book a required child protection car seat with your vehicle.

DUI fines are stiff, and the blood alcohol content limits stricter (0.5 gr) than in the U.S. with fines of up to 5,000€ for driving while intoxicated.

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