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Italy by train While the Italian train system has traditionally suffered in reputation (compared to, say, the immininently reliabe German schedule), train travel in Italy today is quicker, more efficient, and ultimately much more convenient than driving.

Practical travel tips

Trenitalia is the name to know when traveling throughout Italy by train.

Travelers planning a trip can become quite familiar with services offered simply by visiting their Web site in English to learn about current schedules, seasonal specials and travel passes - including an easy, interactive database to search for times and types of travel. Book your ticket online, simply print it out, and you're done.

Look to Intercity services for the most on-time performance, with the Regionale and Interregionale lines less so - largely due to the many stops taken out in the "provinces".

Train Stations in Italy, how do they work?


For extra-fast service, you may want to upgrade to the Eurostar line, but be sure to compare the schedule of the pricier ticket, with the regular one, before you purchase. Eurostar can whisk you to your destination in no time, or take just as long - depending on the destination!

For extra-long routes, i.e., Naples to Milan, the best and cheapest way to go is via Treni Notte, or the night train, which departs in the late evening and will arrive at your destination by morning.

If you prefer travel within Italy at a moment's notice, just remember that lines at the station can be very long, so ensure at least some extra time to purchase your ticket onsite. Look for the touch-screen ticket machines by which you can purchase your ticket (in English) more quickly. However, at rush hour note that the lines at the machines may just as long as those at the ticket window!

If all else fails, you can try climbing aboard any train and face the conductor, (cash only, no credit cards please) who most likely will smile and take pity on any harried traveler. Just be prepared to pay an extra fee for being ticketless ...

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