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Naples At a Glance:

  • A dirty, gritty, dynamic, and bustling metropolis, Naples (Napoli) is the third largest in Italy and home to some 1 million Neapolitans.

  • Naple's well-earned reputation for being a "pickpocket's paradise" often leave tourists looking over their shoulders as they travel the city's contrasting mix of modern mayhem and ancient magic, all under the shadow of the infamously volatile Mount Vesuvius.

  • Along with scenic wonders provided by its location on the Bay of Naples, major must-sees include the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which holds a fascinating collection of what was left of Pompeii and Herculaneum after Vesuvius famously blew its top in 79 AD.

  • Other major attractions include a visit to the Duomo of San Genarro (containing the purported grizzly remains of the city's patron saint) along with a tour of the dank and mysterious underground Catacombs of San Genarro.

  • Perhaps Naple's most famous export is pizza, and Americans in particular will feel right at home with familiar and original Neapolitan specialties. They include - among others - spaghetti, mozzarella, sfogliatelle, struffoli, and baba rum.
  • Airports : Aeroporto Capodichino

  • Train station: Napoli Stazione Centrale

  • Metro : The Metropolitana consists of two underground metro lines connecting most of central Naples. The main line begins near Stazione Centrale and ends at Pozzuoli.

  • Bus: ANM buses have routes criss-crossing the entire city, with all running through the central Piazza Garibaldi located outside Stazione Centrale. Buy tickets at most tobacco shops and some newsstands.

  • Taxi : Official metered taxis can usually found at taxi stands in the city's piazzas.

  • Emergencies -- Dial 113 for police, fire or ambulance.


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