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Sicily At a Glance:

  • The largest island in the Mediterranean, sunny Sicily boasts tempestuous volcanoes, ancient Greek ruins, incredible seafood (and pastries!) as well as breathtaking natural beauty that also make it a favorite of honeymooners in Italy.

  • Top attractions in the capital city at Palermo include a colorful city market, world-class opera and ballet performances at the Teatro Massimo, and monuments and relics dating back to ancient Greece & Rome.

  • Other major tourist stops include the beaches of Cefalu (just east of Palermo), the volcanic Mount Etna (the largest in Europe), the main wine producing region in Marsala, and the resorts at Taormina on the slopes of scenic Mount Tauro.
  • Airports : Palermo and Catania.

  • Ferries: High speed car and passenger ferries connect Sicily to mainland Italy, Sardinia, Malta, Tunisia, and Egypt.

  • Getting around : Sicily is linked to the main Italian train network at Messina. Long distance trains from Rome and Naples cross the Straits of Messina by ferry and continue on to Palermo and Catania.
    Buses connect Rome and Naples to Catania and Palermo.

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