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Arrivederci, Antonio

Antonio ToddeNew Year celebrations began sadder than usual in Sardinia in 2002. That's the year the world lost a living treasure. A friendly man with a healthy sense of humor and a unique perspective on modern times, Antonio Todde died just short of celebrating his 113th birthday.

Antonio Todde was born in Tiana, Sardinia on January 22, 1889. The third of twelve children, he only spent one year in school before leaving to tend the families flocks in the green mountain pastures several days walk from their farm house.

In July of 2000 he made The Guinness Book of Records as the oldest man alive in the world. The entire village population, 695 residents, celebrated their famous grandfather's achievement.

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Living past 100 seems to be pretty common place in Sardinia. The healthy climate and lots of exercise in the clean air may have had something to do with it. Genetics may also play a role. He leaves a 97 year old sister and two of his five children - daughters who are 77 and 80.

While scientists are looking for hints of what may cause such long active lives to be common in Sardinia, Antonio had his own ideas. He claimed that his daily diet of a small piece of meat, soup, pasta and a glass and a half of red wine were the secret ingredients to long life.

Antonio's words to live by, reported on the Guinness web site, make sense no matter where you live... "Just love your brother and drink a good glass of red wine every day. You take one day after the other, you just go on."

Antonio's wisdom will be missed by his family, his village and all who valued a simple, loving man.


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