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sites on a walking tour in ItalyItaly is the home to spectacularly beautiful landscapes, scenic olive groves and vineyards, absolute gems of Renaissance architecture — along with typical, everyday Italians just living life...

Want to see it all, up close?

Then simply walking around is the best way to do it.

Practical travel tips

Walking tours are available in most major tourist hubs. Whether you want to walk along the canals of Venice, stroll down a busy street in Rome, or be guided around a famous Tuscan vineyard, there are tours available for anyone interested in any aspect of Italian life.

For complete do-it-yourselfers, some tours allow travelers to set their own pace while still enjoying the comfort of expert assistance every step of the way. Otherwise, there are a great number of professionally guided walking tours available that also feature great deals on hotel and airfare booking, complete with maps and informative brochures detailing major restaurants & attractions.

And for the virtual tourst? They can simply browse online for self-guided Do It Yourself Rome, Virtual Rome, Virtual Florence, Virtual Venice and skip the package and professional guide altogether!

In real life, of course, a comfortable pair of shoes is always a requirement. You should also consider a small backpack or travel tote to store cameras, snacks and drinks.

And - as is always the case while traveling in Italy - don't forget to bring along a well-developed sense of beauty, history and adventure ....

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