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Italian landscape paintingItaly has been inspiring Italian artists for centuries.

So it's not too surprising that creative people from around the world - and from all walks of life - are drawn to the beauty of the Italian countryside, to either hone their skills or to learn new ones from native artists.

An art workshop in Italy is filled with unexpected pleasures.

Students discover that are not only able to capture Italy on canvas, but in lasting sensory images that last a lifetime — in the revery of blending oil paints or mixing watercolors to recreate the bright yellows of a Tuscan landscape.

Since Italy is also the home of the famous works in marble by the likes of Michelangelo, sculptors will also find plenty of opportunities to learn both the historical and technical aspects of Italian stone sculpture and carving from native masters.

Practical travel tips

Most art workshops in Tuscany usually arrange for a group to meet in a major city, and then either stay in town to take in both classical works & the modern art scene, or travel through the countryside experiencing all that nature has to offer in the way of inspiration.

Before you go, make sure you ask your art workshop tour company what art materials will be supplied, what kind of meals or accommodations will be provided, or about any other related activities provided in the package.

Many art workshops offer classes geared to all levels, although you may also want to inquire what kind of experience is expected. For novices, most organizers will only require that you mess around and have fun!

Alternatively, advanced students may want to inquire if college credits can be arranged for your real-life learning experience in Italy.

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