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Whether at a walk, a trot or a gallop - there's nothing like a tour of Italy's Tuscan region like that atop the saddle of fine Italian horse.

Throughout Tuscany, the Maremma and Sicilian breeds are the most common, and known for their strength and agility in navigating the undulating country terrain.

After all, the region has boasted an equestrian heritage since the Middle Ages, most especially in association with annual and very colorful horse races - the most famous of which, Palio - takes place in Siena's ancient city square each July.

However, today what most visitors find remarkable about horseback riding tour of Tuscany is the quiet. The big city pace slows to a trot along roads that the horses well know. And out in the intoxicating Tuscan countryside you'll soon find that medieval ruins and ancient farms, vineyards & olive groves are the major attractions.

Of course, all that fresh air and sunshine makes for a hearty appetite, and the best horseback riding tours will also include plenty of opportunity to sample the regions most famous wines and regional dishes ...

Practical travel tips

The Internet has made it easy to plan, book, and enjoy a memorable horseback riding tour.

Before you go, be sure to check popular Italy travel forums where you can pose a question or listen in on conversations by those who already have experience a memorable ride along the Tuscan horse trail.

Also, shop around online for an itinerary best suited to you or your group. Tours may include traveling throughout the region with stays in fine hotels or country inns. Or you may choose a trip that offers a permanent base with daily rides to see a variety of landscapes, then back home again each night to share in a lively conversation, and fresh cooked meal washed down with a classic regional wine.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to return from Italy boasting of a trip that literally was off the beaten path, and with a new appreciation for the picture perfect beauty of the Tuscan countryside ...

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