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italy biking tour"If you haven't seen the world from a bike, you haven't seen the world" is the cry of many passionate bikers who, in their many travels, have set out to do just that.

And if you've never seen Italy under your own steam, there's no better way to do it than by bike.

Practical travel tips

If you've never taken a biking tour, it's always advisable to "gear up" beforehand with practice runs to increase your stamina and therefore make it that much more enjoyable touring around Italy's always varied terrain. 10-20 miles is usually the maximum distance a tour guide will ask of the group on any given day throughout the tour.


Thanks to Italy's moderate climate, biking is fine anytime of year (except, of course, in the Italian Alps!), but more experienced biker tourists will admit that spring and fall provide the ideal conditions for biking in Italy, when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

Most good bike touring companies will provide - along with the actual bike - extra safety tips and advice on how best to navigate Italy's main road and byways, plus a water bottle and a handlebar bag to store maps, cameras and snacks.

Once on the road, it isn't long before you get in the groove of your own touring pace. Then gliding through quaint Italian medieval villages, past olive groves, or pedaling up hilly slopes that overlook verdant valleys - you'll suddenly see why a tour of Italy is any biker's idea of heaven on wheels.

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