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The Movies That Move Us to Tuscany

Imagine a scene of rolling green hills, sparkling sun, skies the bluest blue with puffs of clouds accenting the color; the houses are stone castles and villas or orange roofed buildings scattered in medieval disarray.

Sounds like a movie set - and it is. For years, Tuscany has drawn the attention of Hollywood and international filmmakers suspected of taking on a "filmed on location" project in Tuscany just for the gimmes.

Audiences don't seem to mind. Hollywood has provided a good way to take armchair travel to the big screen and for the price of a movie ticket or video rental, can instantly transport them to the Tuscan countryside.

Talk about Hollywood magic...

Tea with Mussolini photo gallery

A madcap group of American and British
women living in Tuscany in the 1930's
rescue a young boy from poverty and
save the towers of San Gimignano.



Florence is the star in this Silence of
the Lambs sequel, in which cannibal
Hannibal Lecter takes up residence
to try the, um, local cuisine. "Well,
hello Clarice..."


Life is Beautiful

A real treasure starring Roberto Benigni
and Giorgio Cantarini as his young son -
in one of the most endearing child
acting performances in film history.


Stealing Beauty

Liv Tyler shines in this Bernardo
Bertolucci film, but the real star
is the Tuscany countryside.


Much Ado About Nothing

Kenneth Branagh and wife Emma Thompson act their heads off in this version of the Shakespearean comedy, shot in the beautiful Chianti Valley.

A Room with A View

Delightful 1986 remake about society
and self-discovery in Florence starring
Maggie Smith and a young
Helena Bonham Carter.


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