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Learning Italian

Have you ever dreamt of traveling like a native in Italy?

My dream is filled with greens, blues and soft umber. Walking through an olive grove... or riding on a gondola in the canals of Venice with the sun warming my face. Sharing the laughter of my friends at some silly little joke - in Italian.

Then I wake up and I remember I can't really speak Italian - just the basic phrases.

Italian, language of romance and passion... wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to speak and understand while you travel the Italian countryside?

Have you tried learning Italian? Sitting in a class and trying to memorize lists of vocabulary or verb endings is not a pleasant way to absorb a language. Even helpful Italian language tutorials online are sometimes hard to stick with - and related tapes and books are cumbersome.

If you have tried these methods and are a little discouraged, here's a suggestion for making the task a little easier.

Learn Italian while living in Italy!

There are dozens of Italian language immersion courses that not only give you a good command of Italian, but after lessons are over allow you to explore Italy and practice what you've learned.

Immersion courses are the natural way to learn a language. Hearing the sounds and inflections of native speakers forms patterns in our minds.

Using words to communicate helps the brain to hold on to those elusive words that slip away so quickly when they are memorized without constant practice.

The way we learned our first language was to listen and practice until the words made sentences. Even as adults, it is still the best way to really learn to speak a language.

Imagine the fun of being able to speak to the people you meet on your next trip to Italy without having to rely on their ability to speak your language!

Some of the schools that offer Italian language courses in Italy are listed in the resources section of this site.

Think about making your next trip more than just a wonderful vacation. Add the satisfaction of learning to speak Italian to make it a truly unforgettable Italian Trip.

A complete newbie to Italiano?

Here are a few basic Italian phrases to help get you started :

English Italian Pronunciation
Italian italiano (ee-tah-lee-AN-oh)
hello ciao (chow)
good-bye arrivederci (a-ree-veh-DARE-chee)
please per favore (pehr fa-VOR-ay)
thank you grazie (GRATS-ay)
how much? quanto (KWAN-tow)
English inglese (in-GLEH-zeh)
yes s (see)
no no (no)
sorry scusi (SKOO-zee)
I dont understand non capisco (non kah pee skoh)
where's the bathroom? dov' il bagno? (doe VEH eel bah nyoh)
toast salute (sall-OO-teh)
Do you speak English? Parla inglese? (Par-lah een-gleh-zeh)



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