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Euro Confused? (cont'd)

Now that you have the euro coins sorted out, it's time to look at the notes.

The paper money is the same throughout all countries. There is no national side on the notes. The different values each have their own color and size to make telling them apart easy.

There are 7 denominations of Euro notes:

5 Euros
120 x 62 mm
Color: Grey

5 Euros Front Face

5 Euros Back Face
The 5 euro banknote was worth 9,680 Italian lire
10 Euros
127 x 67 mm
Color: Red
10 Euros Front Face
10 Euros Back Face
The 10 euro banknote was worth 19,360 Italian lire
20 Euros
133 x 72 mm
Color: Blue
20 Euros Front Face
20 Euros Back Face
The 20 euro banknote was worth 38,730 Italian lire
50 Euros
140 x 77 mm
Color: Orange
50 Euros Front Face
50 Euros Back Face
The 50 euro banknote was worth 96,810 Italian lire
100 Euros
147 x 82 mm
Color: Green
100 Euros Front Face
100 Euros Back Face
The 100 euro banknote was worth 193,627 Italian lire
200 Euros
153 x 82 mm Color:Yellow/brown
Iron and glass
200 Euros Front Face
200 Euros Back Face
The 200 euro banknote was worth 387,250 Italian lire
500 Euros
160 x 82 mm
Color: Purple
20th century
500 Euros Front Face
500 Euros Back Face
The 500 euro banknote was worth 968,140 Italian lire

Don't try to identify the monuments on these notes. The graphics are symbolic representations of European architecture. They graphically show the common heritage that the European countries share. All euro notes are legal tender in all countries of the euro area.

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